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I’m Ho Ming Lau.

a product leader


I'm a high-energy product leader with data, design and development skills based in Amsterdam. Solving problems by creating beautiful, robust and meaningful digital products makes me tick. My goal is to contribute to a better world through technology.

...And oh, I love retrogaming.

What I can do.

And love doing.

  • 1Lead your product or IT team
  • 2Solve your product problems
  • 3Create awesome digital products
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What I’m doing.

When not dreaming.

Bringing the Moodbuster research platform to the next level

VU University
GGZ inGeest
University of Limerick

Designing and developing a patient portal that patients and therapists love to use

Amsterdam UMC
GGZ inGeest
GGZ Delfland
GGZ Rivierduinen
GGZ Noord-Holland Noord
GGZ Breburg
Dimence Groep

What people say about me.

Some testimonials.

“Ho Ming is a strong and passionate multidisciplinary worker who always becomes an invaluable asset to any organisation. His expertise in multiple fields...Read more

Murtada al Mousawy


“Ho Ming combines creativity with an excellent sense of what the customer has in mind. He is also always on the lookout to the most efficient solution. This combination of characteristics makes him a unique product manager with whom it is very pleasant to work.Read more

Merijn Eikelenboom

Director of Research & Innovation

“Ho Ming helped us very well. Where necessary, he made time that same day to comply with our requests. He is fast and delivers quality.Read more

Remco Djososepoetro

Lead Headhunter

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